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5,Kiril and Metodiy Str., fl.1
Burgas 8000, Bulgaria
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New apartments in Sunny beach
Apartments, Sunny beach
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Location: Sunny beach, Resort
Price :
  EUR: 33422

Area: 43,07 sq. m.
Road: Asphalt
Offer type: For sale

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Villa Aria  Holiday Complex is situated in the central zone of Sunny Beach sea resort. The complex is located in the quiet part of Sunny Beach, just 10 minutes walking distance from downtown and from the beach.

The outstanding location of Vila Aria and the wonderful existing facilities give good opportunity to the owners and their guests for a peaceful and relaxing vacation, especially suited for family vacation in a nice and
cozy environment. The complex has 42 one-bedroom apartments from  51.81 sq.m  to 137.7 sq.m  and  38 studio from 38.68 sq.m  to  52.68 sq.m  . The complex has a swimming pool, parking and a supermarket .

Sunny Beach is the biggest and most renowned resort in Bulgaria, situated on the southern part of the Black Sea coastline. The resort is easy to access as the Airport of Burgas is just 35 kilometers away. The resort boasts 8-kilometer long strip of beaches, reaching at points up to 60 meters width, the sand is fine and golden-coloured, sea water is calm and clean, most of the time waves are not big. The great number of sunny days and the mild weather conditions provide opportunity for summer vacation from the beginning of May until the end of September. The average air temperature is 25° to 30° and the sea water temperature is 22° to 25°. 

Deadline of finishing – 30.10.2013


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