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5,Kiril and Metodiy Str., fl.1
Burgas 8000, Bulgaria
tel: +359 56 844622
fax: +359 56 845657
mob: +359 896 742052 - Dimitar Milev, Director
mob: +359 896 772488 - Vera Vardareva, Marketing and sales department
Contact person: Dimitar Milev
skype: stil21ltd


Property № : DUNERSD
Attractive apartments in sea shore in Sunny beach
Property Type: Apartments
Price :65730 EUR
Location: Sunny beach
DUNE RESIDENCE" is a unique complex of apartments within the dune zone that opens a magnificent view to the sea and the sandy beach. It is situated within close proximity to the central area of the...  Find out more
Property № : CRWN
Crown Fort Club
Property Type: Apartments
Price From :40000 EUR
Location: Sunny beach
Crown Fort Club is part of FORT NOKS GRAND RESORT. Being an Owner in this resort gives you the chance to use not only the numerous facilities in the resort, but also to take advantage of our 24 hours...  Find out more
Property № : RNB2
RAINBOW 2 Beach Apartments
Property Type: Apartments
Price From :30209 EUR
Location: Sunny beach
Rainbow 2 Beach Apartments enjoy the amenities and location of the biggest Bulgarian summer Black Sea resort, famous around the West Europe, which is close to historical town of Nessebar. There are also...  Find out more

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